Latim | Xalacom | Latanoprost With Timolol

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Latim | Xalacom | Latanoprost With Timolol

Generic: Xalacom - Latanoprost with Timolol


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Generic Latanoprost is an effective medicine that is known to treat eye problems such as glaucoma, etc. This is done by reducing the intraocular pressure. This medicine is available in the market under different brand names. It is manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies located at different locations. The medicine should not be shared with other person as it might cause problem to them. 

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Generic Latanoprost belong to the class of medicine known as prostaglandin analogue. It is used for the treatment of glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease where pressure is increased in the eye and this lead to loss of vision. It is also used in the treatment of ocular hypertension. This medicine lowers the pressure in the eye by increasing the flow of natural eye fluid out of eyes.

This medicine is manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer. It is available in the market under the brand name of Xalatan.

Generic Latanoprost appears as colorless to yellowish oily in nature. This is soluble in acetonitrile, acetone, ethyl alcohol, methanol, octanol and isopropyl alcohol. It is insoluble in water. It contains various inactive ingredients such as sodium chloride, sodium di-hydrogen phosphate monohydrate, disodium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous and water for injection.

Generic Latanoprost should be stored in unopened bottle in refrigerator. This medicine should be stored at a 25 degree centigrade. The medicine should be kept away from the reach of child and pet. The patient should check the expiry date of the medicine before using it. Once the bottle is opened, it should be used for 6 weeks after which it is discarded.

Mechanism of action:

Generic Latanoprost is known to reduce the pressure in the eye. This is done by mimicking the action of naturally occurring prostaglandin, a group of natural body chemical that is found at different places in the body. The medicine increases the drainage of aqueous humour out of the eye ball in the eye, Being synthetic prostaglandin, this medicine acts on the same receptors as that of natural prostaglandin. This in turn decreases the pressure within the eye. 


Generic Latanoprost is used for the treatment of raised pressure within eye that occurs in case of glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Low pressure inside the eye is useful in the prevention of blindness. 

Side effects:

Generic Latanoprost is known to cause following side effects in some of the users such as:

  • Blurred vision
  • Redness of eye
  • Changes in the eyelash number/colour/length/thickness
  • Skin darkening


Drug interactions:

Generic Latanoprost might interact with some other medicine. Therefore, if the patient is using any other medicine then they should tell to the doctor.


Generic Latanoprost should be used once in a day, usually in the evening daily. 

How to use: 

  • Before applying this eye drop, the patient should wash their hands properly.
  • In order to avoid contamination, the user should not touch the tip of the dropper.
  • The patient should tilt their head back and look upward. The lower eyelid is pulled down to make it as pouch shaped.
  • The dropper is held directly over the eye for 1-2 minutes.
  • One finger is placed at the corner of the eye near nose and pressure is gently applied. This is required for draining out the medicine.
  • The patient should not blink or run their eyes.


Missed dose:

In case of missed dose, the patient should use it as soon as it is remembered if it is on same day. If they come to know about the missed dose the other day, then they should skip it and use the scheduled dose. Do not double the dose for making the missed one.


In case of overdose of the medicine, the patient should consult to their medical advisor as early as possible.


  • Before using generic Latanoprost, the patient should tell to the doctor, if they are allergic to it.
  • The inactive ingredients present in this medicine might also lead to allergic reaction in some of the patient. Therefore, the patient should check the ingredient before using the medicine.
  • Before using generic Latanoprost, the patient if suffering from iritis, uveitis, etc. then they should tell to the doctor.
  • If the patient has medical history of eye problem such as macular edema, aphakia, etc. then they should tell to the doctor themselves.
  • This medicine might make the patient temporarily blurred. Therefore, work that requires alertness should be avoided.
  • During pregnancy, this medicine should only be used if recommended by the doctor.