Frequently Asked Questions

Orders Information

 Q: How to place an order?

A: Once you are in, then you need to select the product you want to buy, first get registered with our website, and make the necessary payment by the given payment options.

Q: What's after I place an order?

A: Once your order is successfully approved with us then it will be forwarded to the Shipping Department. And we will let you know your order status.

Q: How can I track my order on line with the tracking number?

A: Contact our customer support team and get the information about tracking of the delivery. Our customer support executive will provide you the appropriate information about tracking and delivery status of your product.

Q: How to cancel my order?

A: For cancellations you need to contact our customer support team by email and by toll free number within the 24 hours of placing the any order. After 24 hours, we will not entertain cancellation requests.

General Information 

Q: Is it illegal to buy drugs from abroad settled online pharmacy without prescription?

A: No. it is legal to buy drugs without prescription from overseas settled online pharmacy with the help of internet you can easily purchase the medication.

Q: Medicines purchase from overseas are safe?

A: Medications are manufactured overseas under license and are approved by FDA from the country of their manufacturer .They are regulated, tested and in most cases are find as safe as any medication manufactured in the other countries.

Q: Is it necessary to remember the foreign names of the medicines for placing the order?

A: No the pills can be ordered by the brand name or the Generic Name which is mention on the drugs on the other way we can also provide you with the name of the drug in there respected languages.

Q: It is advantageous to buy from on line drug store?

A: If you know that which type of medications your doctor prescribes then you can not only save time but you can also save your money.

Q: What medicine does deals with?

A: deals all kind of generic drugs as well as branded drugs. We offer quality medications at reasonable prices available on internet & also these drugs are approved by the FDA of the respective country.

Delivery Information

Q: When can I expect the delivery after placing the order?

A: The maximum time needs to deliver the product after placing the order varies from 8 to 10 days for United States America and United Kingdom and 10 to 12 days for rest of the world.

Q: Do you make the delivery all over the world?

A: Yes we do provide the delivery all over the world.

Q: What if my parcel is lost?

A: If your order is lost in transportation then we will provide a new shipment that will be free of cost. But it happens in rare cases. But we are not responsible if you provide us with your wrong mailing address.

Q: Do you guarantee your products? Are these drugs really effective?

A: Yes. Our medical products are 100% safe and secure. All our products are supplied from reliable companies and suppliers. Our customers must be assured about the quality of the medicines here at BuyMeds247Online. Here all the medical products are tried, tested and approved by FDA.

Q: What to do if the parcel arrives when I am not available at home?

A: Your parcel will be dropped in your mail box if you are not present at your place. If the range of the packet is larger than the size of your mailbox, then you can get the notification to gather the parcel from the local agency of the delivery company.

Q: Do I need to face any issues related with customs while purchasing medicines from your online store?

A: Our customers must be assured that there will be no issue while purchasing medicines from our pharmacy store. You can only face the problems if the purchased drug is prohibited in your state or country. In this situation they will fetch a notice for you to claim your parcel if you are interested in them and if you will not respond then the parcel will be ruined by the customs.

Q: From where will you ship these medicines?

A: We get our medicines from the best pharmaceuticals like Ajanta, Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr Reddy’s, and Sun Pharma. Our drugs are agreed and approved from reputed and authentic scientific organizations. In our company we have our own packing and shipping part, and we organize your parcel from there after the confirmation of your order.

Q: Is there any discount in the shipping cost?

A: Yes, You can get your order with free shipping at the order of medicines above $150. We also provide discount shipping facility to our regular customers. Additional to this on all the bulk orders we provide extra quantity of medicines that are ordered.

Q: What are the processes of shipping and packaging of my order?

A: Our quality department ensures that you get the best and safe medical products. We prepare your parcel using the sealed strip from the manufacturers. We also make sure that parcels are made in the way that customs cannot spot what is inside them and you will get your products for sure and write the delivery address on top of that.

Q: Is it mandatory to give you with prescription before I am going to place any order?

A: No, It is not important, but it will be all right if you can provide the doctor’s prescription. It will only help you because some medicines are tightly banned to sell without reference and you can send your prescription through Fax or E-mail.