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Generic: Peridex

Manufacturer: German Rem. (Cadila)

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Dosage Peridex
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  • What are the uses of Peridex mouthwash?

The uses of Peridex rinses include the followings:

  • Effective medicinal aid for the prevention of plaque built-up on teeth
  • maintaining oral hygiene
  • Effective to prevent gum diseases such as gingivitis
  • Support healing of gum after dental surgery
  • Treating certain types of oral ulcers (apthous ulcers)
  • Keeping away oral thrush called candidosis
  • Managing the inflammation in the lining of the mouth due to irritation from dentures
  • How the use of Peridex can help in oral care?

Hexidine mouthwash comes with chlorhexidine as active ingredient which is an antiseptic and disinfectant agent. This generic preparation works against several types of bacterial, viral, bacterial spores and fungal infections of mouth. It kills the micro-organisms that are responsible for causing various mouth and throat infections in the mouth and maintaining oral hygiene. This oral rinse also helps in keeping away Candida albicans fungal infection that causes thrush infection in the mouth along with other bacterial infections of mouth. It is very useful after a dental surgery.

  • What are the health conditions in which patients should avoid using this oral aid?

The treatment with Peridex should be avoided in patients who are allergic to hexidine or any of its preparation parts. Patients who want to use this should first consult their doctor if they have suffered any type of allergic reactions in the past. If you experience any kind of allergic responses, consult your doctor.

  • Are there any side effects of this mouthwash?

All people response differently to medicinal treatments and the possible side effects may affect in different ways to any individual. Some of the possible side effects of Hexidine mouthwash include the followings:

  • Temporary taste disturbance
  • Burning sensation on the tongue
  • Non-permanent staining of the tongue
  • Brown staining of the teeth

Any of these side effects are not permanent and after dropping it these side effects generally wipe out without causing any trouble. Users can avoid the possibilities of these side effects largely be avoided by brushing the teeth prior rinsing with Peridex. People can also use conventional denture cleaner after consulting a dentist. Don’t worry and use this generic mouthwash without worrying about side effects as these incidences are very uncommon. Most of the users complete this treatment without any trouble.

  • How should I keep this mouthwash?

Store this mouthwash at room temperature and protect it from light. It is important that you keep all your medicinal aids out of the reach of children. Users should dispose the unused or expiry medication properly. 

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