HIV & Herpes

HIV or Human immunodeficiency virus gets multiplied inside the cells during HIV infection. These viruses are then released from the cells and get spread in the body where they infect other cells. Therefore, HIV infection gets spread to new and uninfected cells that are produced in the cells. When a new HIV virus is produced in the body, then this should manufacture new DNA for each virus. The enzyme, reverse transcriptase is the enzyme that is known to form new DNA. Various medicines are now available that functions exactly the same as that of Deoxycytidine triphosphate. It is, thus, utilized by reverse transcriptase for the formation of new DNA. The medicines block the production of DNA and new viruses. It, however, does not kill the existing HIV virus.

 Some of the medicines that can be used for treating HIV-herpes diseases are Aldara, Viracept, Viramune, Zerit, Tenvir, Triomune, Trioday tablets, Viraday tablets, Videx, Ziagen, Combivir, Epivir, Famvir, Retrovir, Lami-Stav tablets, Sustiva, Tenvir-EM tablets, etc.You should use the medicines as prescribed by your doctor for exact dose. Buy these medicines from at low price.  

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