Ibandronic Acid Tablets

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Ibandronic Acid Tablets

Generic: Ibandronate-Sodium-Tablets


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Ibandronic Acid is an orally administered drug used for the treatment of osteoporosis to prevent damage of bones in females with breast cancer that may spread to the bones or to reduce the level of calcium in the blood due to cancer. Osteoporosis is defined as the thinning of bones which can result into painful fracture. Osteoporosis may be caused due to aging, low sex hormones, being female, smoking, low body weight, menopause, and side effect of some medicines. 

Ibandronic acid tablets belong to the class of bisphosphonates. Bisphosphonates contain Ibandronic acid. Ibandronic acid inhibits bone loss and enhance bone mass in females to reverse the action of bone loss. It decreases the chances of bone fracture. Ibandronic acid is a generic drug. It prevents from the breakdown of bone. It binds to the bone and prevents removal of calcium from bones by osteoclasts. This helps to keep the bones strong and decrease the tendency to break.


Ibandronic acid tablets are indicated to manage postmenopausal osteoporosis as they have high chances of fracture. 

Missed dose

If you by chance forget to take your medicine, take it on the next morning as soon as you remember. But if you remember just seven days before your next due dose, then skip the missed dose and follow your regular schedule. Do not take double dose or extra dose to make up the missed dose.

Over dose:

Overdose of Ibandronic acid may cause stomach problems, inflammation, indigestion, ulcer, low blood calcium level leading to muscle cramps, and sensation of tingling. If you have taken the over dose do not try to vomit or lie down, immediately take medical help.


The condition or a situation in which a particular drug or a treatment is not advisable is known as contraindications. Ibandronic acid is contraindicated if

  • Patient is hypersensitive to Ibandronic acid and other excipients of the drug.
  • Patient has hypocalcaemia, abnormal oesophagus, inability to sit or stand upright for at least 60minutes.
  • This drug is not recommended for pregnant and breast feeding mothers.
  • Patient has a hereditary problem like galactose intolerance, Lapp lactose deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorbtion should not have this drug.

Drug interactions:

Drug interaction is defined as the effect shown by the two drugs when administered together. They may increase, decrease or alter the effect of a parent drug. The drugs that interact with the Ibandronic acid are

  • antacids, calcium supplements, iron supplements, zinc supplements,  laxatives,  mineral supplements and multivitamins containing minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium or zinc.
  • NSAID’s may enhance the risk of irritation to the oesophagus.
    • Aminoglycoside antibiotics such as gentamicin may enhance the chances of falling of calcium, level in the blood.


      Store this drug at cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. Keep it away from children and pets. 

The recommended dose of Ibandronic acid is 150mg tablet once in a month. Take this drug on the same day of every month. Take this drug after an overnight fast at least of 6 hours and 1 hour before the first food or drink except water of the day. Take this drug only with plain water. 

Side effects:

These are the some unwanted effects that a particular drug may cause with its regular effect.

  • The common side effects of the drug are fever, hypocalcaemia, irritation of the oesophagus, allergic skin, and pain in bones.
  • occasional side effects are low white blood cell’s level, dry mouth, stomach pain, indigestion, change in taste, cloudy eyes, skin changes, hear changes, diarrhoea, flu like symptoms, redness, inflammation in the vagina, anaemia, insomnia, mood change, infertility, muscle tension, tooth decay, palpitation, liver disorder, muscle ulcer, hearing problem, thinning of hair.
  • Rare side effects are kidney disorder, jaw bone damage, fracture, eye inflammation.

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