Immunosuppressant drugs suppress the immune system. These are particularly used to prevent the body from rejecting a new transplanted organ. Some of the medicines are used for a patient who is undergoing kidney transplant and various other diseases. T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes are part of blood cells. The immunosuppressant medicines suppress these cells that play an important role in defending the body against any infectious diseases and foreign substance. In case of organ transplant, the medicines works by preventing the body from immunologically rejects the new organ. In case of Rheumatoid arthritis, immunosuppressant medicines work by reducing the inflammation that is accompanied by immune reactions and also lowers the damage to the joints that is caused due to inflammation. In some cases, immunosuppressant medicines work by inhibiting the enzymes that is required for the multiplication of T- cells. T-cells are needed for the activation of the immune system.

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