Muscle Relaxant

Muscle relaxants are a group of medicines that also have sedative effects on the body. It acts centrally in the brain and do not act directly on the muscles. Muscle relaxants are given to the patients initially to overcome the problem of the back pain. It is typically used for relieving low back pain that is associated with muscle spasm. The medicines for muscle relaxants are used to treat acute muscle problem. Muscle relaxants are used to treat spasticity from upper motor neuron syndrome and muscular pain or spasm from peripheral musculoskeletal diseases.

Furthermore, muscle relaxer is used to relax muscle and reduce the pain and discomfort. These are used along with physical therapy for treating skeletal pain and injury. All our Muscle relaxant medicines are FDA approved and hence safe to use.

 Muscle relaxant is used as neuromuscular blocker and spasmolytic. This neurotransmitter blocker acts by interfering with the transmission at the neuromuscular end plate and do not have any central nervous system activity. In contrast, spasmolytic is used to alleviate muscle pain & spasm and also reduce the spasticity for different neurological condition. Some of the very popular and demanded muscle relaxant offered by us is Soma, Zanaflex, Paraflex, Skelaxin, Pain-O-Soma and Lioresal. Buy Muscle relaxant from at low prices.


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