Optivar Eye Drops

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Optivar Eye Drops

Generic: Azelastine Eye Drops

Manufacturer: Cipla

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Optivar eye drops (Azelastine drops) are used to provide relief in eye inflammation symptoms due to allergies. Allergic conjunctivitis condition is commonly occurs during season change. In this uneasy condition patient’s eye becomes red, watery and itchy. Certain kinds of allergic conjunctivitis can occur throughout the year. Sometimes this condition may be a result of allergies to the house dust mite or animal remains.

Optivar (Azelastine) eye drops helps patients to soothe the irritable symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis by inhibiting the act of body’s natural chemical known as histamine. This chemical is responsible for allergic responses of the body. Generally, these eye drops are suggested to be used two times in a day or more depending on the condition of patient. 

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What are the conditions in which the treatment of Optivar eye drops should be used with caution?

Like other treatment, Optivar eye drops may not be appropriate for all users. Some users may not get health benefit as expected form these eye drops. To know whether this treatment is appropriate for your condition or not, inform your doctor about followings at the time of first consultation:

  • pregnancy
  • breast feeding
  • use of soft contact lenses.
  • use of these eye drops in pediatric patients under 4 years of age
  • history of allergic responses to an antihistamine, or any other medicine


What is the right manner to use Optivar (azelastine) eye drops?

Following some hygiene practices is must to make treatment with Optivar successful. Following are some of the tips that can guide you the right way of using these eye drops:

  • Before using the eye drops, wash hands with a soap or cleanser.
  • After that remove the cap of the dropper and gently open the eye pocket to put drops inside.
  • While doing so, make sure that the lid of the dropper should not touch any pat of eye directly. Also, avoid touching the tip of the lid with hands as it can contaminate the medicine.
  • After putting the eye drops inside, keep your eyes shut for few minutes and relax.
  • Repeat the above procedure for your other eye as well if you have infection in it.
  • After each use, tightly shut down the cap of the dropper and wash your hands again.

What should be done to get the optimum benefit from this treatment?

  • Before purchase, watch the expiry date of product. Don’t purchase any outdated product.
  • Azelastine eye drops should be used for the recommended times in a day. Using it more often will not help to get your condition better.  
  • This medication should be used for the limited period time and should not be used for more than six weeks time.
  • Avoid touching the tip of the dropper with your hands, eye, or any other surface. This can increase the possibility of contaminating the medicine.
  • If you don’t notice symptoms of improvement within a few days of use contact your doctor to know more about further instructions.  
  • Using multiple eye drops or ointments, should be done only after consulting your doctor. And if permitted use the eye products in difference of 10 minutes at least.
  • If you are using soft contact lenses, follow the instructions of use as detailed by your doctor. Do not apply any eye drop while wearing contact lenses.


What are the instructions for storing azelastine eye drops?

  • All medicines including eye drops should be kept out of the reach of kids.
  • Store your medicines at a moisture free place and keep them safe from excessive heat and direct light.
  • Once opened the eye drops should not be used for more than four weeks.


Does this treatment cause any kind of adverse effects?

Anti-allergy eye drop treatment sometimes may cause mild symptoms such as stinging or burning. In such condition patient may observe red or watery eyes temporarily. If your symptoms of irritation continue, contact the doctor.

Rare side effects that might trouble include asthma, pink eye, shortness of breath, pain in the eye, unusual tiredness, flu-like symptoms, sore throat, itching in eyes, runny nose, temporary blurring. 

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