Osteoporosis is a chronic and progressive disease of bone where the bone mass and bone density decreases and this leads to increased chances of its fracture. During osteoporosis, the bone mineral density reduces, the microarchitecture of bone deteriorates and also the amount and types of protein present in the bone gets altered. Osteoporosis is also known as thinning of bone, results in painful fractures. There are various reasons of osteoporosis, such as aging, low bone density, low sex hormone, menopause, smoking, few medicines, etc. This can be prevented or treated by the intake of calcium and vitamin D rich food and also some osteoporosis medicine. During osteoporosis, the bone becomes weak and the chances of it breaking increases.


Some of the symptoms that the patient might feel if they are suffering from osteoporosis include backache, fracture in spine, wrist and hip, loss of height gradually, etc. These can be treated using Osteoporosis medicines such as Actonel, Bonviva, Evista and Fosamax. You can buy Osteoporosis medicine from buymeds247online.com at pocket friendly prices.

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