Plan B

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Plan B

Generic: Levonorgestrel


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Plan-B or Levonorgestrel is a popular oral contraceptive which comes under the class of progestines. This drug is prescribed to prevent the unplanned pregnancy after unprotected physical intercourse. This contraceptive pill should not be used regularly. Plan-B is used as an emergency contraceptive pill or back-up in case if your regular birth control does not work or you dint use those correctly. The main function of this medication is to prevent the release of the eggs from the ovary inhibiting the maturation of the eggs. It hardens the uterine lining so that the sperm cannot pass the membrane of the uterus and unable them to access the eggs. This medication comes in the form of tablets.

How does Plan-B work in birth control?

Plan-B is an emergency contraceptive pill. This contraceptive method is beneficial if you are not pregnant. This contraceptive pill works by stopping the fertilizations or Ovulations. It can also prevent the implantation of sperms within the uterus and make the sperm unable to reach the eggs. Plan B is not effective once the female is already pregnant.

What are the indications of Plan-B?

This medication is indicated as an emergency prevention of pregnancy. So this contraceptive pill can be used as a back-up when other birth control pills are failed.

How should you use this medication?

Always consult with your doctor if you experience vomiting after two hours of taking this medication. In case of vomiting, your doctor may ask you to take another dose of this medication. You should always follow your doctor’s advice while taking any oral contraceptives. While taking a hormonal contraceptive method, always take another method of birth control weapon like condom.

  • Take one pill of Plan B within 72 hours of unprotected physical intercourse. If you are using Plan-B of next choice, then take another pill after 12 hours. Best result comes if you take the tablet as soon as possible. Always read carefully the instruction given in the leaflet comes with the pack.
  • This medication can be prescribed for women of the age of 17 years and above.
  • The women below the age of 17-year, should talk to the doctor before use to avoid the complication.

What should you store this medication?

Store this medication at the room temperature, away from moist and heat. Always keep the pills of this medication in a tightly closed container it came in and out of the touch of children and pets. Throw out the expired and unused medication.

What should you do in case of overdose?

Overdose can collapsed the woman and also cause difficulty in breathing. If you take an overdose of Plan-B pill, take immediate medical assistance to avoid the serious complication. Some of the symptoms of overdose are nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating etc.

What are the drug interactions of Plan-B?

Some of the drug interactions of Plan-B or Levonorgestral are mentioned below:

  • Phenobarbital or Secobarbital
  • Drugs used in AIDS: Amprenavir, Delavirdine, Efavirenz, Ritonavir etc.
  • Drugs used for seizure: Phenytoin, Oxcarbazepine, Topiramate etc.
  • Drugs used in Tuberculosis: Rifampicin, Rimactane etc.

What are the possible side effects of Plan-B?

It is not possible to mention all the side effects of this medication. Contact with your doctor if you catch any symptoms while using this medication. Some of the possible side effects of this medication are mentioned below:

  • Heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Bleeding or spotting between menstrual periods.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Headache.
  • Dizzinesss.
  • Tiredness.
  • Pain and tenderness in the breast.
  • Abdominal pain.

Call your doctor if your symptoms become bothersome immediately.

What are the precautions associated to Plan-B?

Take some precautions while this medication. Some of the precautions are:

  • Avoid this medication if you are allergic to Levonorgestrel or any ingredient of this medication.
  • Inform your doctor doctor if you are under any other medication like vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, prescribe or non-prescribed drugs.
  • Do not forget to mention your doctor about the barbiturates if you are taking any like phenobarbiturates, bosentan, griseofulvin, and some particular medication used to treat acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
  • Do not take this contraceptive medicament if your pregnancy is already started, because this medication does not terminate a pregnancy which is already begun.
  • Inform your doctor if you are breast feeding.
  • Contact your health care provider if your menstrual period remains more than one week.

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