Group/Bulk Order

Group and Bulk Order provides you great offers on every bulk orders. We also offer discount at shipping facility to some selected customers who are our regular customers and doing standard business with us. is also offering discontented shipping in a seasonal manner which is not regular over the year. You need to keep your eyes open and place your order at the right time in order to gain the discounted shipping from us. To know about the ongoing offers and discount you can contact us of different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, In.linkedIn etc.. You can also subscribe to your newsletter for all the updates.

Customers can get the best discount or sometimes even the Free shipping if they place an order for more than $250 (dollars). We do not subtract any sales tax from you and you can stay assured about this. We do not offer lose medicines. One can have lot other attractive discounts for their bulk orders depending upon the size of the order, like sample drugs, free medicines etc..

People should not worry about the quality of the Bulk orders. We follow the rules and regulations placed by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). We do take upmost care to make the size, shape and color of generic medicines diverse from famous and branded medicines. This is the reason for which you may find any differences in the appearances between the drugs and medicines at our stores and other stores. It cannot make any changes in the efficiency and quality of generic medicines in comparison to branded medicines.

Generic drugs are the replica of branded medicines. These generic medications have the same dosage, performance, safety, quality and standard like branded medicines. In other words, their pharmacological effects are exactly the same as those of their brand-name counterparts. The price of generic medicines is lesser than branded medicines which come with the same drug effect.

People do not need to worry about the quality and effects of these generic medications. We have the generic medicines that are already tested and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved. These medicines are 100% secure and safe. For availing discounts on medicines, you must visit our site regularly. There is no unseen fee while you are purchasing any medicine from our online store. We know the value of trust and wish to have a long term relations with our customers so we do not charge any hidden fees or payment from our clients. For the benefits of our customers, we offer free shipping at the shopping of the medicines above $150. This is not the limit, here we have many more in our store that we will introduce you in upcoming days. We hope that our services and offers will please you.

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