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  • Singulair


Generic: Singulair, MONTELUKAST,SODIUM


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Generic Singulair belong to the group of medicine known as leukotriene receptor antagonist. It is used to treat bronchoconstriction, a condition where air passage in the lungs gets narrowed. This medicine should not be given to child without consulting to the doctor. Furthermore, generic Singulair is also used to treat asthma and seasonal allergies, allergic rhinitis, urticarial, etc. 

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Generic Singulair is known as leukotriene inhibitor. This medicine is used in the treatment of allergic symptoms. Leukotriene is released from the body when we breadth in the presence of an allergen. This in turn results in swelling of lungs and also tightens the muscles in and around airways of the body. Thus, the person gets disease known as asthma. 

Generic Singulair is responsible for preventing exercise-induced bronchospasm & perennial allergies (in adults) and seasonal allergy (in adult and minimum 2 years old child). This medicine is formulated by various pharmaceutical companies. It is available in the market under different trade names such as Montelukast, Montelo-10, Monteflo and Lukotas. 

Generic Singulair contains Montelukast sodium as active ingredient that is chemically known as R-(E)]-1-[[[1-[3-[2-(7-chloro-2-quinolinyl)ethenyl]phenyl]-3-[2-(1-hydroxy methyl ethyl)phenyl]propyl]thio]methyl]cyclopropaneacetic acid, monosodium salt. This appears as white to off-white powder that is hygroscopic in nature. It has an empirical formula of C35H35CINNaO3S and molecular weight as 608.18. . this chemical is insoluble in acetonitrile and freely soluble in ethanol, water and methanol. 

The film-coated generic Singulair contains various inactive ingredients which includes lactose monohydrate, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, and magnesium stearate and hydroxylpropyl cellulose. The ingredient present in the film coating is hydroxy propyl methylcellulose, hydroxy propyl cellulose, red ferric oxide, titanium dioxide, carnauba wax and yellow ferric oxide. 

Generic Singulair should be stored at room temperature. The medicine should be kept away from heat and moisture. It should be kept at safe place after using it so that pet and child do not reach. 


 Mechanism of action: 

Generic Singulair works by blocking the action of leukotriene D4 on the cysteine leukotriene receptor. The receptor is present in the lungs and bronchial tubes and gets bind to it. This results in reduction of bronchoconstriction and hence inflammation occurs.  



Generic Singulair is used to treat asthma, seasonal allergic rhinitis, etc. it also prevent exercise induced bronchospasm, wheezing, shortness of breath and many more. 


Side effects:

The patient might experience side effects after using generic Singulair such as: 

  • Rash on skin
  • Muscle weakness
  • Numbness
  • Tremor
  • Upset stomach & stomach pain
  • Tiredness
  • Fever, stuffy nose
  • Cough, hoarseness
  • Spot under skin
  • Unusual bleeding
  • Severe sinus pain & skin reaction
  • Mood changes & irritation
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Tooth pain
  • Abdominal or stomach pain
  • Pain or tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones
  • Shortness of breath or troubled breathing
  • Sweating
  • Tightness of the chest
  • Joint pain
  • Trouble with swallowing 


Drug interactions: 

Some of the drugs that might interact with generic Singulair are: 

  • Phenobarbital
  • Rifampin
  • Carbamazepine
  • Tegretol XR,
  • Equertro
  • Carbatrol 



To treat asthma and allergic rhinitis, 10 mg of the medicine is given to the patient once in a day. 

To prevent exercise induced bronchospasm, 10 mg of  the medicine should be taken by the patient, at least two hours before the exercise. The patient can take the medicine with or without food. 


Missed dose: 

If the patient misses any dose then they should skip that and take the next dose scheduled in time. In any case, never take more than one dose in day.



In case of overdose of the medicine, the patient should contact to their doctor. Some common symptoms of overdose are thirst, vomiting, stomach pain, drowsiness, etc.



  • Prior taking generic Singulair, the patient should tell to the doctor if they are allergic to this medicine or not. 
  • The inactive ingredient various in the medicine might also cause allergic reaction in some users. Therefore, proper care should be taken by the patient.
  • The patient should take their dose for generic Singulair as suggested by the doctor
  • The user of this medicine should not stop or increase/decrease the dose themselves else it might lead to serious problem in them.
  • If the patient experiences neuropsychiatric changes after the intake of generic Singulair, then they must consult their medical advisor.
  • In case, the patient is taking any prescribed, non-prescribed or herbal product, then they should tell to the doctor before starting treatment with this medicine.
  • During pregnancy, this medicine should only be used if recommended the doctor.
  • Nursing patient should consult to the doctor and discuss the risk and benefit of using this medicine. 
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