Spiriva Rotacaps-Tiova Rotacaps-Tiotropium Bromide rotacaps

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Spiriva Rotacaps-Tiova Rotacaps-Tiotropium Bromide rotacaps

Generic: Tiotropium Bromide rotacaps

Manufacturer: RSM/Dhadha

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Asthma is a respiratory disease state illustrated, by attacks of tremors in the bronchi of the lungs, causing trouble in inhalation of air. It is normally linked with allergic reaction or different types of hypersensitivity reactions.

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Spiriva is a drug which is used for life-threatening lung disease, is a significant advantage for asthma patients who don't pick up any relief from other steroid inhalers alone. Spiriva is used to make breathing easier for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

How does Drug Work? 

Spiriva is acting by lessen the smooth muscle contraction and secretion of mucus and as a result of this it creates a bronchodilator effect.


What is the Dosage of spiriva? 

Spiriva capsules must not be swallowed since desired effects on the lungs will not be achieved. The substance of the SPIRIVA capsules is just meant for oral inhalation and has to be used with the HandiHaler device only. 

  • Dose For Adults : The recommended dose for adults is 1 capsule to be inhaled, once a day.                                      
  • DO NOT use more of this medicine or every time communicate to your physician/pharmacist advises before having it. 

Directions for Use: Patient’s instructions for proper use of spiriva along with each of its package. 

How to use your Spiriva? 

Study the objectives for assistance at the back side of this booklet for instructions.

  • Do not swallow the capsules.
  • Follow the supervision for using it with care. Cut the capsule once using the HandiHaler device.
  • Don’t cut the capsules from more than one place, otherwise the capsule possibly will rupture and pieces of gelatin from the shell of capsule could easily pass across sieve.
    • Gelatin is unsafe and if the particles of gelatin engulfed then these particles will be took in or digested are not toxic to us. 

What are the indications of spiriva? 

  It is indicated for the management of bronchospasm.  

What are the Contraindications of spiriva? 

Spiriva is not prescribed to the patients, who are oversensitive to tiotropium/ipratropium or to the compositions of SPIRIVA capsules.                                            

What are the major/minor Side Effects of spiriva? 

Ask your doctor/pharmacist if you exhibit some of these major side effects: 

  • Swelling of tongue.
  • Problems in urination
  • Fever.
  • Sinus infection. 

Less serious of these side effects may include: 

  • Blurring of vision.
  • Increase in heart rate.
  • White patches in mouth and skin.


What are the Drug Interactions of Spiriva? 

Medications are known to interact with Flonase nasal spray are:

(Below Mentioned list is not complete. Consult your doctor before taking Spiriva)

  • Other inhaled steroids.
  • Ranitidine.
  • Methylxanthine
  • Cimetidine.


How should you store spiriva? 

Storage conditions of Spiriva are: 

  • Stay children away from spiriva.
  • Avoid this spraying in eyes; it may cause vision problems in patients.
  • Storage temperature 25°C (77°F)
  • Stop taking spiriva after its expiry date shown as “EXP” on the label or box.                            

REMEMBER: This medicine has been prescribed for you by your doctor. DO NOT give this medicine to anyone without prescription. 

Before Using Your Nasal Spray 

Take care of below mentioned things in mind before using this medicament: 

  • If any medicine containing atropine, then don’t use.
  • If any other anticholinergic medicines, then don’t use.
  •  If any medicine containing tiotropium bromide.



In some Cases, this medicament possibly will not be appropriate and your doctor/pharmacist may wish to give you a Different medicine. Make clear by all means that your doctor knows about your medical history. 

What should be done in case of Missed Dose? 

Unknowily some person has missed a dose, have it as soon as recall. If it is closer the time of the next dose, don’t take the missed dose and resume the usual dosing schedule. Need not to double the dose to catch up the Missed dose.


What should be done in case of Over Dose?

 If some person has overdosed with Spiriva, make a call to poison control center or crisis room quickly.