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Generic: Timolol Maleate Eye Drops


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Timolol eye drops are intended to manage glaucoma. The chronic open angle glaucoma eye condition is the result of damage to the optic nerve at the back of your eye which increases pressure within eye. Timolol eye drops provide relief by reducing the pressure inside eyes. It is believed that Timolol eye drops reduce the fluid synthesis in eyes that keeps the front part of eye wet, known as aqueous humour. By affecting the amount of making of this fluid, Timolol eye drops lessen the problematic extra pressure within eye.

The treatment of Timolol is used in both ways i.e. single drug treatment or in combination with other treatments for managing problem of glaucoma. Some of the drugs that are used along with Timolol include bimatoprost, travoprost, brimonidine etc. This treatment should be used according to prescription. People using contact lenses should take this treatmnet with caution under advice of a doctor. 

What are the indications of Timolol eye drops treatment?

  • Ocular hypertension- increased pressure within the eye
  • Open angle glaucoma
  • Glaucoma developed due to any other eye disease (secondary glaucoma)


What is the right way to have medication with Timolol eye drops?

  • Clean your hands with a soap or cleanser before applying eye drops.
  • Twist off the cap of dropper and gently tilt your head slightly back.
  • Now, put recommended drops of solution in your eye pocket.
  • While doing all this avoid touching the tip of the dropper with any part of your skin, eye, fingers or anything.
  • Keep your eyes close for few minutes and relax.
  • Repeat the same procedure for other eye as well if you have been told to use this eye solution in both eyes.


What are the points that my doctor should know before he/she prescribed me Timolol eye drops treatment?

At the time of consultation it is expected from patients that they should inform their doctor about overall health conditions including any serious health conditions if they had. When you are going to start treatment with Timolol eye drops, it is important that you should let your doctor know about following conditions as they can influence the manner of your treatment or alter it completely:

  • pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • any other infection or disease in eye
  • existence of asthma or other issues related to respiratory system
  • cardio vascular problems
  • Raynaud's disease
  • low blood pressure
  • thyroid problems
  • diabetes
  • soft contact lenses are in use
  • having any other medication including non prescription drugs and health supplements
  • had allergic reaction to any medication


Does the treatment of Timolol cause side effects?

It is observed that medications could possibly develop unwanted effects on health along with its needed effects. Though every patient doesn’t get side effects and most of patients complete their treatment without any measure issue. Some of the side effects that are noted with Timolol treatment are listed here:

  • blurred vision
  • burning or stinging in eye
  • inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis)
  • inflammation of the cornea (keratitis)
  • dry eyes
  • double vision
  • drooping of the upper eyelid (ptosis)
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • chest pain
  • allergic skin reactions
  • disturbed sleep
  • depression
  • low blood pressure (hypotension)
  • dizziness


Does this medicine cause any kind of interaction with other drugs?

Timolol may interact with other medications and affect the needed output of treatments. Some of the possible interaction that may happen include following drugs:

  • amiodarone
  • beta-blocker medicines such as atenolol, propranolol
  • calcium channel blockers like bepridil, verapamil
  • anti-arrhythmic medicines, such as quinidine,  disopyramide
  • digoxin


What if I missed a dose of Timolol eye drops due to any reason?

In case of missing a dose, patient can take it as soon as he/ she remember it, if it is not near the time of next schedule. If it is already the time of next dose, then the missed dose should be skipped. Never use more than recommended dose to cover up for the missed dose. It could develop symptoms of overdose which is not good for your health.

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